Software Assistants –Tested and recommended by us in practice:

SAP Solution Manager
Complex SAP-System landscapes are managed with the SAP Solution Manager. This tool is fully integrated in your SAP landscape and facilitates many tasks around your ERP System.

The Reverse Business Engineer is an analysis tool for live SAP systems, fully embedded in SAP’s product lifecycle management to support Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) projects.

Training documents are established fast and system instructions recorded safely and quickly. With the SAP TUTOR from SAP you can define a company wide standard for an efficient Know How Transfer.

With GuiXT you can simplify R/3 pictures and adjust them to the needs of each user/user group, without modifying R/3 programs or pictures.

Input Assistant
The Input Assistant gives you the possibility to enter easily and quickly data in R/3. In a separate window or at a click of the right hand key of your mouse, it automatically shows you the values entered per field so far.

Viewer and Designer
GuiXT Designer is a WYSIWYG Editor for GuiXT. Through simply clicking and dragging the mouse you can change the layout of the R/3 mask.

GuiXT Viewer
An additional component of GuiXT. It gives you the possibility, to blend in rtf and html data into R/3 masks.

XTRACT Reporting – efficient solutions for an undisturbed information flow
IT-landscapes are constantly changing and subject to continuous optimization – exactly like economical processes inside a big Company. Xtract Reporting forms, within the SAP-R/3 system assembly, flexible possibilities to guide data streams into efficient channels. This regardless of whether you require a meaningful report or a quick analysis, or a fully automated transfer of SAP data in an electronically usable form.