You may already have competent assistance, but you hardly use it: the SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager is an important tool to manage complex SAP system areas. Nevertheless, usually only part of its functions are used. LAiB GmbH introduces this competent assistance to you and helps you to easily handle many tasks around your ERP System.

The main operation areas of the Solution Manager:

Evaluation, implementation (including test and user training), operation, optimization and change management of SAP solutions including third parties who work with SAP.

Project planning and implementation, supervision of core processes, user support and elimination of interface problems during the data transfer.

With the SAP solution manager everything becomes simpler. Everything runs slightly quicker. And everything is under control.

LAiB GmbH familiarizes you with this tool and shows you how you operate it in a useful and efficient way.

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News after release 7.1.

Solution Directory
With a mouse click through the system – independent of subjects, horizontally and vertically, across the whole process landscape. It gives you a real overview in seconds. LAiB GmbH is pleased to tell you more about it.

Solution Manager
You require support at the administration and the follow-up of changes in applications. You would like to order internal and external upgrades. Or you would like to coordinate the work of SAP specialists with your IT-Team at your premises. The solution: the Change Request Manager. Ask for more information.

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