Added value point by point:
In order for you to use SAP to its full potential
and to ensure that supported processes operate efficiently.

Each company is different, but all have the same aim: Success. LAiB GmbH helps you to get rid of stumbling blocks in the ERP environment and to release additional drive in all business processes. An overview of tools used:

The efficiency check covers:
Determining the user degree of all users (user groups)
Illustration of connections
A graphical comparison of all the authorization profiles versus the actual system usage
A basis for the user oriented authorization profiles

In short: the efficiency check is a guarantee for secure handling of the system-supported business operations.

The best practice check (tuning of applications in the ERP environment) covers:
A detailed analysis of processes, which particularly stood out during the ERP system-analysis
Integral viewing methods under consideration of the customised settings, user standard values, transaction variations, etc.
Highlight inconsistent information, media rupture, users who cannot cope due to complex operations and transactions
Definition of optimization potential and possible efficiency improvements
Proposals to configure applications
Advice for optimization projects, for measurements to improve efficiency or for a release change

Upon request LAiB GmbH and its network partners can realize the defined improvement potential for you

SAP harmonization and consolidation (post merger integration) covers:
Compare the systems of the different companies/affiliates to be merged
Create an overview of the departments
Define common interests and peculiarities of system usage
Point out where systems are not used

In short: we will provide you with important information, which need to be taken into consideration at a merger.

Visualizing business processes (VISIO, ARIS) covers:
To establish process documentation for certification and user training
To document all system supported processes