Learn step by step
SAP user training, which provides real added value

It often happens and creates problems at all levels of business: after superficial training on new software, users are “left alone” as they need to focus on managing the daily business. Problems – a given! But fortunately one can catch up any deficiency in the user application. For example with the individual user training held by LAiB GmbH. Each training course comprises of 4 levels:

Establish the training concept
Through discussion and analysis of the situation, we determine what kind of training is needed. We then establish a training plan tailored to your needs.

Establish the training plan (using your current documentation, if required)
LAiB GmbH does not offer standard user training, as you will have individual requirements. What is key so that ERP is efficiently used? LAiB GmbH knows what your employees need to know, to enable them to work confidently and in a motivated fashion. Incidentally, we also train people who have just started a new job and are working with SAP for the first time.

The user training
Learn where you work and work where you learn. We recommend integrating the working place in the training as a cost saving alternative or in addition to the usual training.

Quality and success measurements
Is everything clear? This can be checked. Constant coaching and periodical measurement support the continuous improvement of what has been learnt.