Knowledge step by step:
The ERP Analysis as a new perspective to review your business processes

With an ERP check each company, that supports its business processes with SAP, has a clear situation analysis. For that LAiB GmbH uses a specifically developed ENA Check (ERP benefit analysis). It offers you the possibility of a detailed analysis of your SAP-Software and shows the optimization potential in the daily application.

Main benefits:

You get a clear overview of the essential processes
You see the process status
You identify peculiarities in a broader context
You get key information for continuous improvements

Based on these data LAiB GmbH works out for you a tailor-made strategy to support and optimise the ERP supported business operation.

Side benefits:

You can initiate measurements to enhance efficiency
You can exhaust the internal optimisation potential
You will know whether it is worth changing to a new SAP-Version.