Do you use the full potential of your ERP-Software?

Somebody who uses the ERP-System logically and intuitively uses it automatically more efficiently. LAiB GmbH ensures – with an emphasis on SAP – a user friendly environment (usability) and a reasonable cost/benefit ratio per user.

How to get there?
We review your SAP Systems (releases: R/3.0 up to 4.7).
We review the total utilization of each user without disturbing the business operations.

Your advantages as a SAP-user and responsible manager of the system?
An excellent cost/benefit ratio
Fast results and facts
A clean basis for the continuous improvement of the applications

Our Tools:
Special methods and analytical tools like the “Reverse Business Engineer” (RBE) or the “Reverse Modeling Engineer” (RME), tools for the process oriented analysis of productive SAP-R/3-systems, which lead quickly to precise results.

You can count on that:
We have defined each of our services together with experienced consultants; the services have been commonly developed and have been checked in practice (over 100 analyses and expertise). Therefore, we can offer you complete “best practice” know-how.

Examples of possible results:
Facts for release strategies
Advantages for an improved planning of potential IT-Investments
Optimization and consolidation of the acquired SAP-Software